Caren Briones

San Diego | September 20 | The Homies | CSULB

I really like what you’ve done to me, I can’t really explain it; I’m so into you

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How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like

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"my baby" i say in regards to someone that is older than me and over half a fuckin foot taller than i am

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my life summed up in six seconds

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Confession: I have a friend who likes to text me at like 4am when he’s had nightmares or he can’t sleep or he just needs a friend. He thinks I’m always awake at 4am but really I go to bed around 12am and I change his text-tone to the loudest one I have just so it wakes me up when he needs me.

you’re the kind of friend everyone needs

Wow i need this

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Anonymous asked: do you think any of them are cute?

I’m answering this super late but yes I do hahahah


in 15 years when one direction’s fame has died down and everyone hops off their dicks i’ll be there ready to suck zayn off in a restaurant bathroom

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Anonymous asked: do you know anyone at olympian?

lol yeah I do, why?